Nordic live action role-playing games are a unique form of expression. Yet very little coherent and accessible documentation exists regarding these games. An annual article collection on Nordic role-playing has been published since 2003, but through these books have had an instrumental role in developing the tradition, actual games are documented rather poorly. It is time to change that.

The Nordic Larp book project is a concentrated effort to document a
representative sample of Nordic larps. The main body of the book is comprised of approximately 25 descriptions of relevant Nordic live action role-playing games. Each game will be presented with six full pages of photographs and approximately three pages of text.

Dragonbane, 2006

Dragonbane, 2006. Picture courtesy of Dragonbane project.

The featured games will aim to be a representative sample of some of the most influential or archetypal larps staged in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden in the last 15 years. These games will not represent the mass of each national larp scene, but the fruits of the international Nordic scene that has developed around the annual Knutepunkt (Solmukohta) congress. The selection will feature both small influential games and games with high production values.

The book will be edited by Jaakko Stenros and Markus Montola who have previously edited two books on role-playing games (Playground Worlds, Beyond Role and Play) and co-written a book on pervasive games (Pervasive Games: Theory and Design). Stenros currently works as a game researcher at the University of Tampere, Montola is working on his doctoral dissertation on pervasive and role-playing games.  The book is produced by Anna Westerling and Anders Hultman (both have extensive experience in project management, for example from En stilla middag med familjen).