The deadline for abstract submissions to Nordic Larp was last Sunday. Today we have ten submissions and ten promises to write about games.


  1. Pehmoydin
  2. Föreningen visionära vetenskapsmäns årliga kongress
  3. Det Sista Kapitlet
  4. Knapnålshufvudet
  5. Mellan himmel och hav
  6. Panopticorp
  7. 1942
  8. Once Upon a Time
  9. Totem
  10. System Danmarc


  1. Luminescence
  2. Walkabout
  3. A history re-enactment larp by the Harmaasudet
  4. The Executive Game
  5. Helsingin Camarilla
  6. Ground Zero
  7. Momentum
  8. Carolus Rex
  9. Futuredrome
  10. Enhetsfronten

The book will feature 25 games, so we are not there just yet. Of course, we’d prefer it if we had the luxury of making some choices as well. At the moment we lack some interesting wishlist games — likes of Trenne Byar, Europa, Dragonbane, En stilla middag — and we don’t have examples of a typical street larp, children’s larp, war larp, or a dogme larp.

Of course, the impossibility of the equation is obvious, as not everything can be fit in. Also, the soft quota on Swedish larps will be pushed hard.

We are extending the deadline until next Tuesday.

If you think a game you organized or participated in should be on the list, now is the time to act. Also, if your proposal is not on the list above, we have lost it somewhere.