I’m happy to say that we now have a big pile of submissions — the book will turn out very nicely with this bunch. We are now processing the abstracts, contacting authors for additional information and looking for pictures here and there. It will take us a few weeks before we know our “final” list, due to the number of moving parts in this equation.

All authors who have promised to look for more photos, now is the time to do so. We’ll get in trouble if we accept a game and no photos turn out, since accepting one game influences our decisions on the others: If we don’t get photos of, say, Ground Zero, we’d possibly want some other bomb shelter larp to replace it. And if we do get GZ, we are unlikely to squeeze in another bomb shelter game.

So, keep looking at those piles, and deliver the stuff as soon as possible. We won’t promise you a slot before we see photos with our own eyes. You know who you are.