We have made the selections for the book. It has taken longer than we anticipated, but finally we have come up with the list of 29 games.

SistaKapitletThe final list includes a few rules-based games (Helsingin Camarilla, Krigslive), a few war games (Krigslive, 1942), a few historical games (Once Upon the Time, Antikristuksen yö), a few dramatist games (En stilla middag, Hamlet), a few 360-degree games (Dragonbane, Hamlet), a few pervasive games (FVV, Momentum), a few collective games (Enhetsfront, The White Road), a few political games (Europa, System Danmarc), a few turkuist games (The Executive Game, Ground Zero), a few ecstatic furnace games (Ground Zero, Carolus Rex), a few artsy games (Luminescence, inside:outside), a few revolutionary games (Panopticorp, Momentum), a few high resolution games (Totem, Mellan himmel och hav), a few occult games (Momentum, Sista kapitlet), a few fantasy village games (Dragonbane, Trenne byar), a few “therapy” games (Luminescence, Knappnålshufvudet), a few adventure larps (Zombie, Silmäpuoli merirosvo) — and also one adult larp (PehmoYdin) and one children’s larp (Rude Skov).

We are shocked that though we have been able to include vampires, cowboys, pirates, patients, zombies, occult investigators, mobsters and wizards, there is not a single ninja game in sight!

luminescence13The complete list of games:

1942 – Noen å stole på Norway
Antikristuksen yö Finland
Carolus Rex Sweden
Dragonbane International
Enhetsfront Norway

Europa Norway
The Executive Game Finland
Föreningen visionära vetenskapsmäns årliga kongress Sweden
Ground Zero Finland
Hamlet Sweden

Helsingin Camarilla Finland
inside:outside Norway
Knappnålshufvudet Sweden
Krigslive Denmark
Luminescence Finland

Mellan himmel och hav Sweden
Once Upon a Time Norway
Panopticorp Norway
PehmoYdin Finland
Prosopopeia Bardo 2: Momentum Sweden

Copy of off02Rude Skov Denmark
Silmäpuoli merirosvo Finland
Det sista kapitlet Sweden
En stilla middag med familjen Sweden
System Danmarc Denmark

Totem Denmark
Trenne byar Sweden
The White Road Denmark
Zombie – Night of Terrors Denmark

We had to reject six submissions due to the size of the book. That was difficult as the submissions and games covered were very intriguing. We hope that these games will be covered in some other publication later on.