An announcement via the Czech KP-regulars. One English programme track is in plans.

Odraz Conference 2010

Creating for Players, Theory for Creators, Playing for Theorists.

The third year of the itinerant Odraz conference has come. We would like to invite you to Holiday Resort Štědronín, where Odraz 2010 is going to take place from 26 to 28 March. Unlike the previous years, the conference is starting Friday morning 26 March and you can arrive Thursday afternoon. The conference is ending Sunday afternoon.

Odraz 2010 is organized by a non-profit organization Tempus ludi, o.s., continuing in the tradition set by Court of Moravia, o.s. and Prague by Night, o.s.

The conference will allow the LARP organizers and participants from Czech Republic and abroad to meet there. It will be a possibility for exchanging experience and broadening the theoretical knowledge during the lectures, as well as to meet on informal occasions and contacting fellow enthusiasts. The programme will be enriched by several mini-LARPs and workshops aimed at the practical part of organizing LARPs. An enjoyable evening programme will also be arranged.

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