The Americans are putting together their version of Knutepunkt (they even name-check it in the post below). I love this and wish I could be there.

LARP in America.

Our cultural differences in this country have produced challenges in the way that LARP can be positively perceived here.  How it works, the drive to create and compete, has caused not only a great diversity nation wide but also in how we view one another as members of different groups.

Yet recently, a movement has begun here.

To create a national unity – of identity, language, and definitions.

Inspired by such organizations as LARPA, spectacular and progressive events like Knudepunkt, and online communities from Shade’s LARP List, to Pagga, Rule 7 and many others, the LARP Alliance has worked toward a singular goal – to create awareness and programs to foster and grow LARP here in America.

In June 2010, the West Coast’s first LARP Convention will be held in Southern California. The LARP Alliance is extending the invitation to the leaders of American LARP communities and organizations to come together at this event and participate in America’s first National LARP Summit to begin laying the foundation for a unified front for LARP.

National LARP Summit
Wyrd Con One
June 11th – 13th, 2010
Costa Mesa/Orange Hilton
Costa Mesa, California

Our focus will be on the uniqueness and diversity of the art form as it exists here, but we also extend the invitation to leaders and
organizations worldwide to participate. In the tradition of Knudepunkt, we intend to hold this LARP Summit every year, creating a Summit Book yearly and easy access to the compiled body of knowledge we will build together.

Wyrd Con has had a strong response and expects game runners from as far away as England in attendance, and strong diversity in theme and styles will be represented. Current games include Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Steampunk and other themes. Live Combat and Theater Style games in equal portions. Alternate Reality Games will also be represented, as well as the  art of Cosplay.

For the Summit, we will have panels, discussions and classes that make up many aspects of our hobby, led by some of the top LARP Academicians and promoters in the country.The Summit programming will be updated on a regular basis, and we plan to use current technologies to bring the Summit home to the living rooms of LARPers across the country.

This is the time and place to talk, meet, and set forth the frame work for continued growth of our hobby in America, and abroad.

Rick McCoy
LARP Alliance, Inc.

I have to look into if it is possible to contribute to the book even if one does not attend. Also, I’m dying to find out who are branded the top American larp academics.