Mike Pohjola recalls: It was published a day before, and I was selling them at a convention. When I gave Mika Loponen a copy, he burned it at the ash tray. Everyone was watching and cheering. ”Get them while they’re hot,” I yelled.

I am in stuck in Turku at the moment since the winter is wrecking havoc with the train schedules. It is very fitting, since today ten years have passed to the day since the publication of The Manifesto of the Turku School.

The Turku Manifesto is perhaps the most influential Nordic text on role-playing games. It did not start the theory boom in the Nordic (that was done by Dogme 99, panclou, Knutepunkt and others), but it did sell the idea better than most. And boy has a lot changed in a decade!

Author Mike Pohjola has some notes on the anniversary on his blog.

Let’s raise a toast to Turku. Kippis!