One of the best parts in a book process is moving stuff out of the agenda and into the proofing folder. Browsing the proofing files, I again fell in love with some of the subheadings of our stories. Do you know the games behind these headings?

    1. Brilliant NexSec Mindfuck Failure?
    2. Changing the World One Sword at a Time
    3. First Person Bourgeois Drama
    4. In Prison with Kafka and Beckett
    5. Sailing the Seas of Mental Disorder
    6. Sex, Death & Decadence

      Read more to get a hint.

      In other news, we are busy choosing photos these days. In addition to Jaakko and me, we have two photographers, Suvi Korhonen and Katri Lassila, helping us out.

      Hint: These are the games, but in different order:

        • A Nice Evening with the Family
        • Föreningen Visionära Vetenskapsmäns Årliga Kongress
        • inside:outside
        • PanoptiCorp
        • PehmoYdin series
        • The Rude Skov series