I’m under the impression that WyrdCon is one of the closest things to a Knutepunkt they have in North America — at least we recall them being explicitly inspired by the Nordic thing when they set it up. The great thing in being a bit like Knutepunkt is publishing edited books for others to read. And here they go: Journeys to Another World, edited by Amber Eagar, joins the happy family of Knutpunkt books and Mittelpunkt books! Welcome to the fold: At the time of writing this I have only read Bill White’s excellent story on freeform, but J. Tuomas Harviainen has of course been faster than light in reviewing it. If his worst criticism is that “so few people decided to contribute”, you WyrdCon people are surely doing something right.

In this point we should also recognize the Italian InterNosCon 2010 for joining the book club with Rifflessioni Appassionate: Pensieri e Teorie per Giocare col Cuore, edited by Claudia Cangini and Michele Gelli. Unfortunately for us, that book targets an Italian audience so I have no idea what it says — but I’m personally very happy that two stories from Playground Worlds have been found worthy of translation: L’ABC del jeepform by Tobias Wrigstad and Concetti chiave nelle teorie sviluppate su The Forge by Emily Care Boss.

The Italians are making another book, for Larp Symposium / European Larp Convention 2010. The book will include papers both in Italian and in English; Read their Call for Papers for more information. We’ve been inexcusably slow with blogging this, so you need to act now: The deadline for Larp Graffiti abstracts is in the end of June.

It took us five years to get it started, but now it’s spreading like wildfire. Someone ™ should fire up a common portal for all these books. There are 12 online: 8 for Knutepunkts, 2 for Mittelpunkts, 1 for InterNosCon and 1 for Wyrdcon.