PARTIAL DRAFT, click below fro the whole shebang.

One of the things we try to do with Nordic Larp is to paint a big picture of the Nordic larp scene. One of the nice things in editing the 29 different stories about larps is seeing their commonalities and differences. A nice palette of tools, an interesting repertoire of genres and so forth: Looking at the manuscript and the photos made me realize only now that indeed, System Danmarc belongs to the old tradition of village larps, making it as much a follower of Trenne byar in that sense as Dragonbane is.

One exercise in this is that we think about putting a table of This Stuff to the intro of the book, painting broad lines and generic thematical similarities between our material. We have made  work version of the table, and would invite you to comment below if you can add to our knowledge, or disagree with our draft.

Some of the categories are flimsier than others, and feel free to point out our errors in that sense as well: Physical Action and Therapy especially turned out to be a bit weird. The final version will probably be a bit cut down version of this anyway, so take this as a brainstorm draft.

X is intended to signify a strong relevance of a theme, ? indicates weak, accidental or partially failed relevance, and !!! means that we really need your opinion.

We are really interested to see how this ugly monster turns into an awesomely beautiful illustration in the layout process. 🙂