Juhana Pettersson announced the new high brow Nordic magazine on larp and role-playing in his blog yesterday:

Playground Magazine is a Nordic quarterly publication about larp and tabletop roleplaying games. Its aim is to focus on new, interesting, groundbreaking and unconventional games.

The magazine will be launched in early 2011. The first issue is being worked on now.

Playground is based in Norway, but will be in English. Its aim is to cover new phenomena on roleplaying games across the Nordic countries and beyond.  The editor in chief is the game designer Matthijs Holter (Draug, Society of Dreamers).

The editorial team features people from Norway, Denmark and Finland. The “Finland team” consists of me and Laura Kalli.

If you’re a writer, a photographer or an illustrator and wish to work with us, get in touch: jlp@iki.fi We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting articles, subjects or people.

Right now, what Playground needs more than anything is people who want to do marketing or distribution. If you have a clue about either of those things and wish to further the cause of Nordic roleplaying, get in touch.

This is quite exciting. There has never been a proper Nordic magazine on role-playing. The closest thing is probably the crappy ‘zine panclou I edited with Johanna Koljonen and Markus Montola a decade ago. I wish the magazine lasts for a long time. RPG magazines in Finland have tended to die out and the situation is not much brighter in Sweden. In Denmark there is a thriving free advertising-financed magazine about the mainstream of larp, but only a few issues have come out so far.