Let’s see….

  1. Proofreading drafts
  2. Wondering whether layout wizard Tommi will get pissed because the errata is so long
  3. Proofreading captions
  4. Proofreading photographers
  5. Proofreading photograph types
  6. Adding authors’ late minute adjustments to errata
  7. Stressing that there will be language difficulties with the printing house
  8. Figuring out what the credits boxes of ancient games should really say
  9. Wondering if we really should say maximum instead of maximal
  10. Wondering whether Tommi will get pissed because the errata is huge
  11. Stressing that after three rounds of proofreading by professionals, we have still found an error or two relating to irregular verbs
  12. Considering running for office just to make double spaces a criminal offense
  13. Commenting the cover drafts
  14. Debating cover drafts
  15. Debating logotypes
  16. Remembering what peaceful sleep was like
  17. Going through piles of photos that have arrived way too late, just to see that they don’t contain masterpieces
  18. Redrafting a marketing plan
  19. Panicking over the correct spelling of a word that’s in 50 captions
  20. Finding out the correct spelling, and waiting the heartbeat to slow down
  21. Figuring out likely reviewers
  22. Stressing that the book will weight almost as much as two milk cartons – and how that will effect all the postage and packaging
  23. Considering running for European parliament just to outlaw Danish last names that are not really family names
  24. Finding out that case Y doesn’t really convey the mood of the game
  25. Discovering hundreds of new photos of case Y
  26. Despairing that we have forgotten something
  27. Delivering dozen photos of case Y to Tommi, hoping he won’t get a burnout
  28. Planning publication parties
  29. Writing press releases
  30. Stressing that there is a just the right kind of balance between the four countries, between genders, between old and new, between documentary pics and awesome promo pics, between players and game masters, between fun and misery, between immersion, dramatism, simulationism and gamism, between colour and black & white, between establishing shots, close-ups and details, between ingame and offgame, between academia and accessibility etc.
  31. Drafting logistics plans
  32. Deciding retail and wholesale prices
  33. Proofreading late-minute additions
  34. Wondering whether Tommi will get pissed because the errata is massive
  35. Figuring out author copies
  36. Writing captions that are still miraculously missing
  37. Panicking over someone commenting that picture X looks like it’s been hardly edited
  38. Finding out that it has indeed not been edited yet, since it might still be changed
  39. Stressing that no one will care about the book enough to buy it
  40. Stressing that the book sells out too soon
  41. Proofreading captions that were just written because they were still miraculously missing
  42. Stressing about correct hyphenation of words in English, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, French, German, Latin and all the other languages featured in the book
  43. Wondering whether Tommi will get pissed because the errata is colossal
  44. Finding out whether the Danish guy took photographs in- or off-character in that larp in Los Angeles
  45. Stressing that someone will have a fit since the book contains frontal nudity
  46. Proofreading and editing back cover blurbs
  47. Worrying that the photographers and organizers whose work will not be featured won’t talk to us in the future
  48. Figuring out the minor details of printing, such as the size of the print run
  49. Just stressing
  50. Wondering whether Tommi will get pissed because the errata is ginormous
  51. Planning the therapeutic Nordic Larp presentation for Knudepunkt, detailing all this and much, oh-SO-much more