Jukka Särkijärvi, also known as NiTessine of Worlds in a Handful of Dice blog, reviews Nordic Larp. He’s a long-time tabletop role-player who has never been to a larp, and one of the authors of a Finnish compendium of tabletop role-playing games called Roolipelikirja.

The review is long and thorough, but here’s the gist of it:

Nordic Larp sets out to present the full scale of what you can do in a larp and how people have done it, be it entertainment, social commentary or artistic expression. I think it accomplishes all of this, and looks good doing it. It’s an excellent introduction to the topic and tells you where to go for further information (though I can’t actually find web addresses for any of the Knutepunkt books, which might be handy to have since they’re free online). Though it uses concepts and terminology developed in the study of larp, it explains those concepts as it goes and does not require prior familiarity, merely an open mind.

It’s a fucking awesome book. It’s big, it’s well written and it looks beautiful, which is important for a coffee-table book like this. What quibbles I have are relatively minor. The production values are absurdly high for something that costs only €30. If you have any interest at all in the topic, I can heartily recommend you buy it.

Not a bad statement from one of those non-larpers, right?

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