Lizzie Stark

Lizzie Stark is an American journalist and the author of Leaving Mundania, a forthcoming book on American larp and larpers. Working on her book, she visited Knudepunkt 2011 in Copenhagen, and we made sure she wouldn’t leave the continent without a copy of Nordic Larp.

She writes a review on her website, with the wonderful title “Go Buy Nordic Larp Right Now”. She writes:

Americans reading this collection […] will surely marvel at some of the spectacular logistical coups Nordic organizers have pulled off, from building a dystopian future slum that sleeps more than three hundred in the center of Copenhagen (System Danmarc), to huge medieval larps garnering a thousand participants (Trynne Byar). Americans may also marvel at the trust which organizers place in their players, who seem to enjoy skirting the line between the real and the fantastical in a way that would simply be impossible in the litigious US. The essays reveal hungry boffer players who kill a real live sheep for food and a number of other shocking acts I won’t demean by taking out of context here — but done for hardcore, let’s-make-this-as-real-as-possible, artistic reasons.


Nordic Larp testifies to the sheer diversity of the Nordic larp scene, and the dazzling seriousness with which Nordic larpwrights and players ply their arts. Anyone interested in the future of larp and its possibilities as a medium should read this book.

Read the full review here.

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