Aaron Vanek of Screw It, I’ll Play Make-Believe fame (among his many credentials) reviews Nordic Larp as follows:

Nordic Larp is mandatory reading for anyone who wants to look up from the ground of live action role playing to see the heavens above: this is where we could be. But getting people to read it is difficult. The book must be ordered online (https://nordiclarp.wordpress.com/) and costs about $60 with shipping from Europe. But I feel Nordic Larp is so important I bought a second copy that I am loaning out to other U.S. larpers. Ping me if you want to be on the reading list and we can physically meet.

I place Nordic Larp into the top five most influential books I have read. I hope some day we can achieve the heights the Nordics have blazed for us. I have the possibly quixotic belief that America will experience a quickening any weekend now, creating a flurry of bad-ass larps like no one has ever experienced or will again, and in a few years we’ll have our own “American Larp” book. It could start with someone’s inspiration from Nordic Larp.

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