Mike Tice of Live Game Labs posted a Nordic Larp review. As always, we are particularly happy to read reviews written by people outside the Nordic larp community, as these people are our intended audience.

Nordic LARP is a remarkable tome. Huge in format, and broad in the scope of the LARPs contained therein, covering many of the most famous and infamous LARPs of the Scandinavian scene. Enigma rightly prides itself on the wide variety of games we’ve run, but clearly the Nordic folk have pushed things farther in many, many directions, some of them inspiring, some of them… explain my use of the No Wanking icon. Not that I didn’t know of the general nature of the Nordic scene beforehand, but the book provides a concrete and condensed exhibit of countless person-years of Nordic LARP.


And I’m not too keen on the most ‘extreme’ ‘weird’ ‘political’ ‘art’ ‘larp’s, though it does make me want to create Nordic LARP: the LARP. 49 hours of wallowing in our collective guilt for the Holocaust, in a plexiglass cube infested with Sumatran cockroaches. Somehow it’s more palatable as meta-LARP. Who’s in?

More seriously, there’s plenty of interesting ideas here to respectfully homage rip off.

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