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One of the best parts in a book process is moving stuff out of the agenda and into the proofing folder. Browsing the proofing files, I again fell in love with some of the subheadings of our stories. Do you know the games behind these headings?

    1. Brilliant NexSec Mindfuck Failure?
    2. Changing the World One Sword at a Time
    3. First Person Bourgeois Drama
    4. In Prison with Kafka and Beckett
    5. Sailing the Seas of Mental Disorder
    6. Sex, Death & Decadence

      Read more to get a hint.

      In other news, we are busy choosing photos these days. In addition to Jaakko and me, we have two photographers, Suvi Korhonen and Katri Lassila, helping us out.

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      ROLLE|SPIL is a new Danish larp magazine for kids. To someone who doesn’t read Danish, it looks like any larp magazine to begin with, with contents ranging from costuming guides to flashy fighting, with one story from Østerskov Efterskole and so forth. I think their target group is the younger larper generations; they even have a story on a project for grooming a new generation of larp organizers.

      What really strikes, however, is this: They printed 5.000 copies of the first issue. There are 5.5 million people in Denmark. And they plan to go bigger in the future.

      ROLLE|SPIL is run by Claus Raasted, the main man of Danish children’s larp. With his team, he organizes tens of thousands person days of larping to Danish kids every year.

      Available as a pdf, for free.

      We have decided to postpone the publication date of Nordic Larp beyond Knutpunkt 2010. While this has not been an easy decision to make, the reasoning is simple: We want to make the best book we possibly can, and we would need to rush too much to get it out of the printers in April. Even with our experiences from Beyond Role and Play, Playground Worlds and Pervasive Games, every phase of work has turned out to be more time consuming than we expected.

      The good thing, however, is that this is going to be a book worth waiting for. Speaking of the texts, half of the stuff we have is mind-blowing and all the rest is really good. On the visual side, we’ve rediscovered some hidden gems we are itching to share.

      We have some exciting announcement coming soon-ish, as well as previews of early spreads coming soon, but that’s all for now.

      Now that we have more time, we are looking for new writers to replace some that had to drop out due to time issues. Currently looking for someone to cover Trenne byar. Know anyone of the old guard who’d want to contribute?

      Photo from En stilla middag med familjen, by Johan Röklander.

      Writing retreats seem to be the best way to Get Stuff Done. So, me and Jaakko have retired to the larpesque landscapes of the ancestral homestead of the Stenros clan to edit bits and pieces of Nordic Larp.

      People who have tossed their papers to our end of the court can expect emails during today and tomorrow. Time to get some stuff into proofreadable condition.

      The Europa refugee center photographed by Britta Bergersen.

      Knutpunkt 2010 will be held at Fiskeboda, two hours ride from Stockholm.

      Key dates:

      • Knutpunkt signup closes: 15th of March
      • Program submission closes: 20th of March
      • Program signup opens: 1st of April
      • The Week in Stockholm: 17th-22nd April.
      • Knutpunkt 2010: 22nd-25th April.

      But most importantly, the signup is now open. Prices range from 80 euros (students) to 160 euros (professionals), including food and lodging.

      Föreningen Knutpunkt is a partner of Nordic Larp book, and the main organizers of the event are Anders Hultman and Anna Westerling, the very same wonderfully energetic duo that also produces our book. Their claims to fame are too numerous to list here, but suffices to say they also produced En stilla middag med familjen.

      It will be a blast, so be there, or be totally out of the loop.

      The International Journal of Role-Playing is soliciting submissions. The deadline is February the 1st. How about expanding and generalizing your research-oriented paper from one of the Knutpunkt books? Note that the journal accepts proposals regarding all forms of role-playing.

      The International Journal of Role-Playing (IJRP) is now accepting submissions for the 2nd issue, due out in early summer 2010. Deadline for submissions is February 1st, 2010.

      The International Journal of Role-Playing invites researchers, designers, developers, academics, artists and others involved in the growing field of research related to role-playing to submit articles. The IJRP is a peer-reviewed journal, and welcomes submissions from any sphere of interest, knowledge network, research field or de-development sector that directly or indirectly relates to role-playing interests.

      Potential topics include but are certainly not limited to the following:
      •    Role-playing games, e.g. frameworks, storytelling and graphics; art, design and creative industry
      •    Role-playing culture, psychology, media, economics, and sociology
      •    Role-playing technology, surveys, vocabulary, training and education
      •    Other aspects of role-playing and related research and development

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      An announcement via the Czech KP-regulars. One English programme track is in plans.

      Odraz Conference 2010

      Creating for Players, Theory for Creators, Playing for Theorists.

      The third year of the itinerant Odraz conference has come. We would like to invite you to Holiday Resort Štědronín, where Odraz 2010 is going to take place from 26 to 28 March. Unlike the previous years, the conference is starting Friday morning 26 March and you can arrive Thursday afternoon. The conference is ending Sunday afternoon.

      Odraz 2010 is organized by a non-profit organization Tempus ludi, o.s., continuing in the tradition set by Court of Moravia, o.s. and Prague by Night, o.s.

      The conference will allow the LARP organizers and participants from Czech Republic and abroad to meet there. It will be a possibility for exchanging experience and broadening the theoretical knowledge during the lectures, as well as to meet on informal occasions and contacting fellow enthusiasts. The programme will be enriched by several mini-LARPs and workshops aimed at the practical part of organizing LARPs. An enjoyable evening programme will also be arranged.

      Read more!

      I’m happy to say that we now have a big pile of submissions — the book will turn out very nicely with this bunch. We are now processing the abstracts, contacting authors for additional information and looking for pictures here and there. It will take us a few weeks before we know our “final” list, due to the number of moving parts in this equation.

      All authors who have promised to look for more photos, now is the time to do so. We’ll get in trouble if we accept a game and no photos turn out, since accepting one game influences our decisions on the others: If we don’t get photos of, say, Ground Zero, we’d possibly want some other bomb shelter larp to replace it. And if we do get GZ, we are unlikely to squeeze in another bomb shelter game.

      So, keep looking at those piles, and deliver the stuff as soon as possible. We won’t promise you a slot before we see photos with our own eyes. You know who you are.

      In the Nordic countries, live action role-playing has developed into a unique and powerful form of expression. Nordic larps range from entertaining flights of fancy to the exploration of the intimate, the collective and the political. This incredible tradition combines influences from theatre and performance art with gamer cultures, in order to push the boundaries of role-playing.