The Nordic Larp book project has been supported by numerous institutions. We are especially happy that we have found partners from all the countries featured in the book, the value of the project has been recognized by numerous larp associations, cultural foundations, companies working in the field and the academia. It truly feels like this project has brought together actors from all the areas that touch larp. Our partners are:

  • The Company P
  • Fantasiforbundet
  • Framtidens kultur
  • Game Reserach Lab, University of Tampere
  • Hyperion: Norsk forbund for fantastiske Fritidsintresser
  • Landsforeningen Bifrost
  • Nordisk barn och ungdomskulturfond
  • Nordisk kulturfond
  • Pohjoismaisen roolipelaamisen seura
  • Ropecon
  • The Story Lab
  • Suomalais-ruotsalainen kulttuurirahasto
  • Sverok

In addition, there are 43 individuals, who participated in crowdfinancing the book.