Knutpunkt 2010 will be held at Fiskeboda, two hours ride from Stockholm.

Key dates:

  • Knutpunkt signup closes: 15th of March
  • Program submission closes: 20th of March
  • Program signup opens: 1st of April
  • The Week in Stockholm: 17th-22nd April.
  • Knutpunkt 2010: 22nd-25th April.

But most importantly, the signup is now open. Prices range from 80 euros (students) to 160 euros (professionals), including food and lodging.

Föreningen Knutpunkt is a partner of Nordic Larp book, and the main organizers of the event are Anders Hultman and Anna Westerling, the very same wonderfully energetic duo that also produces our book. Their claims to fame are too numerous to list here, but suffices to say they also produced En stilla middag med familjen.

It will be a blast, so be there, or be totally out of the loop.