After more than a year of work, we feel proud, happy and relieved to publish the first preview drafts of the Nordic Larp layout. These are not final, but this is generally how the final book will be like.

So here you go, with The White Road, Luminescence, Dragonbane and System Danmarc. Trust me, the early stuff on The Executive Game and PehmoYdin looks equally brilliant.

For the stunning visuals of the book, we are grateful to our endlessly patient layout artist and photo editor Tommi, to our photography experts Katri and Suvi, and obviously to all our first-class photographers. If you want to comment the drafts, please email your comments to nordic.larp at gmail.

We’ll also close down the crowd financing soon, so sign up for it now or never. Remember, for the supporter price of €50 you’ll get your name on the list of supporters, and a copy of the book at the first opportunity. We might also hug you in Knudepunkt. While our finances are well in order for printing, hard covers and luxurious paper, trickles like these can make or break the deal when it comes to things like dust jackets, final print run and some details of distribution.

The marathon of making this happen is turning into the final sprint. Happily, there seems to be light in the end of the tunnel.